Calvin M. Carroll

About me

I’m from San Antonio, Texas and I attended Rice University, where I majored in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. My life in research began with tadpole mesocosms and assaying cannibalism and life history traits in flour beetles. My work in phenology has centered around linking phenological shifts in competitive intensity across the life history stages of amphibian communities. I have used temporally fine-grain data to model and correlate phenological traits and strategies between tadpoles and adults from ponds in east Texas. Outside of the lab, I love to write fiction, play disc golf, and birdwatch.


I am interested in how time and space mediate interactions between community members. I haven’t yet identified a project, but past research has involved understanding patterns of change over time in phenology-linked interaction networks. The velocity and stochasticity of these changes have been intensified by climate change, which alters the phenology of life history events.


Population Biology Graduate Group
Department of Entomology and Nematology
Briggs Hall 380K
University of California, Davis
Davis, CA 95616 USA


Carroll, C. M., D. Saenz, and V. H. W. Rudolf. 2023. Tracking phenological distributions and interaction potential across life stages. Oikos: e09973. link